Sunday, January 25, 2009

Amazing Artists Blog Award

Chellesky, from Art Conch, gave me this award while I was in the hospital. It was so wonderful to come back back to!!! I have not had a chance to pass it on yet since I am not fully back into the swing of things. I have only had a chance to post a script I had finished before ending up in the hosptital and the pencils.
Thank you so much Chellesky for a such a terrific award!!

I am passing it on to the following artists. Please take the time to visits their blogs and see the wonderful treasures they have to offer!

Sakbs Scraps

Creation Miguy Design

Magsnificant Creations


Lori Ruth said...

I love that you are giving scripts to us that do not know how to do scripts just yet. I do have a question though. I have PSP Ux2 and I can't get the scripts to work, I get preset shape not found. Do you know if others with x2 are able to get these running? Is it possible I ask on one of the blogs about them running on x2 and see what they did?
Thank you again. Lori @

Tams said...

Hi hun love your scripts they are wonderful. You also have an award on my blog.

Creation Miguy Design said...

Thank you so much, I more than appreciate tt. Hugs,