Tuesday, March 24, 2009

PTU Dimple Flower Scripts

There are two scripts in this package. Both scripts give you the option to choose the color of your flower. One script will let you choose a solid color of your choice while the other one will let your choose a color of your choice to compliment the edges of the center. The flower is not merged with the leaves in case you would like to use the flower by itself, add a drop shadow, etc.
*Drop shadow is for display purposes only.*
You can pick this up for $3.00 @

Friday, March 13, 2009

PTU Jelly Bean Script

This script makes a cute little jelly bean to use in your scrapbook projects. You chose the color, gradient or pattern. Yes a pattern, in the event you want to create a special paper to invent a jelly bean similar to a jelly belly jelly bean.
No outside filters needed.
You can now purchase this script for $2.50 at

PTU Easter Egg Script

This is a fairly simple Easter Egg Script. You are prompted to input the color, gradient or pattern twice. Once for the main color of the Egg and the second time for the pattern. This is a very versatile script!!! There are so many different designs you can make from it. Choosing from the diaganol, wavey, curly cue, solid color, or fancy style designs make it look like a limited script. But once you start changing the color of the egg and then the color of the design you will get an unlimited number of eggs out of it!!
No outside filters needed. Drop shadow for display purposes only.
You can buy the Easter Egg Script for $2.50 at

Saturday, March 7, 2009

PTU Wavy Flower Script

This new Wavy Flower Script works with a solid color, gradient or pattern. Filters needed are Av Bros Page Curl Pro 2.2, Mura's Meister Copies 1.3 and Eye Candy 5: Impact Glass. It has been tested in PsP 9, X, X1, X2, and Ux2.
March is here and I don't know about everyone else but I am ready for some Spring weather to arrive!! Enjoy your weekend!
You can purchase this for $2.50 at

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

PTU Summers Flower Script

This one I was saving for the store I signed on with!! A solid, gradient or pattern looks great with my new Summers Flower Script.
You can now purchase this for $3.00 at